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Little Kolya really needs our help!

Little Kolya really needs our help!

Friends, let's celebrate Children's Day together!
Little Kolya really needs our help!

ArinKaSoap will transfer all proceeds from the sale of the new bar soap in June to Kolya

Bar soap "Lollipops"

Bar soap "Juicy tangerine"

Bar soap "Strawberries and cream"

Bar soap "Ocean Breeze"

TEBIDZE Mykola 6 month. Ukraine. Vinnytsia.

Diagnostic: Atresia of the biliary tract of the liver. Biliary cirrhosis.

Little Mykola need help! Doctors could not give a right diagnostic for a long time and missed all the terms for a possible corrective operation. Mykola’s condition is catastrophically deteriorating each month. 
Parents pray for any help on their knees. ????

Please help to save little son. GIVE A CHANCE TO LIFE!

Saint-Luc Begium clinic is ready to receive little Mykola for urgent liver transplantation from a related donor.

Amount to collect: 134’745 EUR (with additional costs)

Deadline is 20th of June !!! 
You can help through the website of the fund

#PrivatBank 5168 7573 4503 6661 Tebidze Tamila (mother)

#PrivatBank 5168 7423 5316 8333 Parkhomez Liudmila (proxy) 
#Sbercard: 4276380045506149 Olga Shiporina ( representative of Renaissance fondation) 
#Yandex money : 410012994472544 
#Kiwi : +380958008793 
#PayPal : Kylagina Marina 
Specify “Mykola”

TSN => 
Fondation => 
Facebook => 
Odnoklassniki => 
VKontakte => 
Instagramm => ot_serdca_serdcy 
+380668426730 mother Tamila

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